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Natural lawns

We believe in the implantation, conservation and revitalization of lawns - with natural or synthetic grass for diverse sports categories, like soccer, golf, polo, farm, rugby and American football.
One of the fundamental characteristics of our work is precisely to evaluate the scenario, make the diagnosis and propose customized alternatives that meet the needs of our client. In order to initiate our fundamentals we work with the best suppliers in Brazil, offering a wide variety of products, including grams recognized and used by important sports clubs in Brazil, the United States and Europe

• Implantation

At Campanelli, all the methodologies applied on the lawns are carried out by a qualified team with its own equipment and high technology.

- Earthwork

Ground leveling is the base of sports turf development. With well-executed earthwork, it is possible to have a quality field that will have an extended life. Campanelli performs this step very accurately, using the consolidated knowledge of its team as well as high performance equipment.

- Automated Irrigation

This is another fundamental step that ensures the quality of the lawn and its bountiful life. Our methodology consists of obtaining a homogeneous irrigation, that reuses water and minimizes labor.

- Drainage

Efficient drainage makes it possible to maintain the use of the field in adverse climatic conditions by allowing excess water to be removed from the field, avoiding puddles of water, and eliminating disease from excess humidity.

- Top Soil

It is a layer of material that runs between the drainage pipes and the grass. It is essential to ensure the proper development of the roots and to allow the percolation of water from irrigation and rain to the drain pipes. Therefore, we use high quality sandy compounds for success in sports practice and also for the longevity of lawn use.

- Laser leveling

This is the last step before planting the grass. The laser measuring technology ensures extreme accuracy; enabling 0.5% slopes for each side of the field and contributes to the effectiveness of lawn drainage.

- Planting grass

With our equipment, our expertise and our methodology, we are prepared to implement lawns from small to large areas, with high quality standards and highly competitive prices in the national market.

• Technologies

- Big Roll

Big Roll is an effective technology that is used in main sports clubs of Brazil and in the world. The difference between Big Roll and other traditional methods, such as planting plots, is the shorter timeframe for installing the grass. In addition, because it is fully mechanized, it reduces the number of splices by 90% and, therefore, provides better finishing of the planting and greater speed of consolidation of the lawn. In less than a month of planting, the lawn can already receive games. Not to mention that through this process there is a considerable reduction in costs.

    main features:
  • Installation of up to 5 thousand m² / day.
  • Rolls of 0.75 meters, 1.05 meters and 1.20 meters wide by up to 40 meters long.
  • Fully mechanized installation.
  • The number of amendments is reduced by 90%
  • Better finish and consolidation of the lawn.
  • Allows field use within 20 days after planting.

- Sprigging

Sprigging is a high quality technology based on vegetative reproduction, with the best prices per square meter of the Brazilian market. It is especially suitable for large areas such as golf and polo.

    main features:
  • Significantly reduces deployment costs.
  • Excellent operational efficiency of planting 7 thousand m² / day, at a density of approximately 700 thousand seedlings per hectare.
  • Use of the lawn in up to 60 days from planting.
  • Excellent value for money.

• Upkeep

Campanelli performs an annual preventive maintenance check on sports fields, according to the needs of each region. We do this with a qualified technical team, equipment with advanced technology and the most modern methodologies of maintenance of lawns.

- Helicoidal Cutting

The helical cut works like scissors, presenting an extremely clean cut that is deserving of high performance sports fields.

- Rotary Cutting

Indicated for the maintenance of more rustic lawns, which require less frequency of pruning. It is a great alternative for those looking for economy in the maintenance of the field without losing the beauty of the lawn and the quality of play.

- Fertilizing

After a detailed analysis of the soil, a monthly program of mineral and foliar fertilization is carried out, with specific formulations that vary according to the intensity of field use and the type of grass.

- Phytosanitary and Selective Control

Through integrated methods in the world market, integrated pest and disease management is performed to solve or prevent possible lawn problems.

- Watering

Irrigation control is key to keeping the grass hydrated without wasting water. With automated irrigation and its full execution, it is possible to guarantee the best root development with the least amount of water possible.

- Marking of lines

This is the final step in the entire maintenance process. With very high precision equipment and our own paint, it is easy to mark the lines throughout the play area in a short period of time. We keep proper attachment of the lawn and show no aggression to the plant.

• Revitalization

This is a set of processes that aim to provide the plant the ideal conditions for a healthy and vigorous development, with a visible improvement in the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil. Revitalization should be performed periodically. With it, there is an increase in the performance and vigor of the lawn, with consequent improvement in the comfort of the players, as well as improvement in the visual aspect of the field.

- Vertical Cutting

The basic function of vertical cutting is to renew the grass and increase the proportion of lawn leaves. In this process, sharp blades tear the stolons (ramifications) of the grass and undo the mattress, bringing to the surface the excess of the organic material for later recollection.

- De-compacting

Unpacking is essential for the soil to receive enough oxygen, which facilitates the entry of water and nutrients. In this operation, solid stems approximately 30 cm penetrate and vibrate at 75 °, disaggregating soil particles without compromising the lawn surface. This process can and should be performed as many times as necessary during the course of the year, varying according to the type of soil and density of the field.

- Mechanical Aeration

The aim in aeration is to make the material exchange and improve the sub-surface drainage of the field and increase the circulation of air, water and nutrients to the roots. During this process, hollow stems penetrate and pull fractions of the soil forming small holes in the lawn.

- Top Dressing

Top dressing is when a compound composed of sand, organic matter, limestone and fertilizer is added to the field surface. This is done to improve the leveling of the lawn, renew and improve soil structure and drainage, adjust soil pH, increase nutrient availability, protect the grass during winter, and more.